Pilgrims' Ministry of Deliverance, Inc. - One Clear Cut Agenda To Preach Balanced Deliverance

This series by Apostle Ivory Hopkins gives insight on how to hold your deliverance and gives tools to help maintain it and stay 

John 8:36 If the shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. 

CD 47 – Healing From Secret StrongholdsSecret Strongholds – How to come out of this that have been bothering for a long time and you have no one to talk to because you don’t know who to trust.

CD 61 - Holding Your Deliverance In a Dry SeasonThis morning’s Message: Deal with how to maintain your freedom, and maximize your purpose. Our walk in God is not just always needing deliverance it’s also walking in your freedom.

CD 90 - Deliverance is a Process – Elder HopkinsThis message out the process of deliverance and will help you understand the warfare is worth it because you are and shall be delivered.

CD 134 - The Succession of Strongholds This message deals clearly explains how spirits sets us up to gain entrance, Roots of bitterness, revenge and retaliation. Help a person understand how to shut these demonic doors.

CD 144 – The Process of Letting Things GoIn some cases it’s not that a person doesn’t want to be free they need to understand the process of letting this go, Some strongholds break quickly and others take a process.

CD 154 – Levels of warfare and How To Tell The Need of Deliverance Dealing with how Satan attacks and how to recognize the pull them down, also insight to tell your need of deliverance.

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