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Spiritual Gifts Advance Deliverance Training - Maximizing Your Spiritual Gifts
The gifts of the spirit are given to the church for defensive and offensive purposes; the clearer we understand this, the more effective they will be in kingdom warfare. This manual shows how the gifts of the spirits works in Deliverance Ministry.
Price: $12.00
Reaching, Restoring and Releasing Men in the Church. Edited by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green, D.Min. and Apostle Ivory L. Hopkins.
Price: $15.00
In the ministry of deliverance I’ve come across people’s homes that are contaminated by demonic manifestation to the point of needing to be prayed over, but the success of freeing the family from these spirits can only be achieved by God’s divine intervention.
Price: $15.00
Deliverance From Evil Soul Ties
Teaching on how to break different type of strong emotional and demonic soul ties.
Price: $12.00
Who Counsels The Counselor
This message is a powerful tool to bring healing in leaders lives who have no outlet to share their hurts and pains. A great counselling tool.
Price: $12.00
This is precious to Apostle Hopkins it will help those who have gone through cancer or are going through cancer, it teaches how to face the issues both you will experience and your family. Apostle Hopkins gives power insight in this seminar. He is a cancer survivor since 2003 and still cancer free. I t has notes and a Two CD’s come with it.
Price: $12.00
Deliverance From Marriage Breaking Spirits
There are strongholds that work to cause divorce and separation and to set up affairs in marriages. This book exposes the hardness of heart in marriage, spirits of extra marital affairs, the Casanova Spirit and a host of much, much more.
Price: $10.00
Angel of Light in Marriage
This book gives the reader insight on how to look for a mate and also warns against marrying the wrong person, although you feel God has spoken to you. All across the country I have met people who feel they have a prophetic word from the Lord, but in truth, it was a demonic deception.
Price: $10.00
If you have ever suffered abuse in church you have to read this deliverance book. It goes deeply into the spiritual warfare behind church abuse and how to break free
Price: $12.00
Deliverance from Damaged Emotions
This book will help those who have gone through deep emotional distress. There is powerful insight in this book that will help you gain peace of your mind. It teaches about the grips of grief and sorrow, what to do when the death of a loved one has you grieving for many years and more.
Price: $10.00
Deliverance from Spirits of Sexual Abuse: Breaking the Chains of Rape and Incest
Many people are carrying on the inside the hidden secret torments of being raped; and that by some of their own family members. They do not know why later on in life they are manifesting things they don’t understand like loss of memory, sex drive hindered, and a thing called splitting. You can get delivered.
Price: $10.00
Breaking the Spirit of the Fixer's Control
Are you the type of person who tries to fix other people’s lives? Do you worry about your adult children getting a job when they seem just content and you are worrying about it? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you are a fixer. This book is for you, Sweetheart.
Price: $10.00
A Spiritual Place Called Next
"Next” is where you go when things haven’t turned out the way you thought they should. Often, people get depressed and give up on life when actually they need to learn how to go to a spiritual place called “Next”.
Price: $10.00
Deliverance From The Draining Spirits
This book exposes how some people in your life can drain you out of natural and spiritual energy like a pyschic vampire. Cut those suckers loose.
Price: $10.00
The Spirit Of Crack Cocaine
No parents wants to admit their child is doing Crack Cocaine or any other drug, but don’t fool yourself and never allow family pride to blind you from truth. People on Crack and other drugs can be set free in the Name of Jesus.
Price: $10.00
The Spirit of Rebellion
This is the same spirit Satan used to pull down the heavenly host and now operates in manking.
Price: $10.00
The Curse of Rejection
Rejection has done great damage in the lives of many, in this deliverance booklet, we expose how it operates and how to do spiritual warfare against The Spirit of Rejection.
Price: $10.00
NEW MANUAL -This manual is written to help deliver those who have been involved with voodoo, root workers, conjure men, root doctors, Haitian, African, and Black Southern Witchcraft, Horoscopes, and Hinduism and the spirits that operate within these practices.
Price: $12.00
WARFARE TRAINING MANUAL – New Revised Version with New Material
This my most powerful Deliverance training manual 161 pages an excellent tool for giving strong Biblical bases for how and what to do, generational curses explainded, how and why demons manifest shown clearly. Biblical by using the original Hebrew and Greek. THIS MANUAL CAN BE USED AS A CLASS TRAINING TOOL! MY BEST MANUAL
Price: $15.00
Prophetic Protocal Manual
The ThingsThe First l00 Things You KnowYou Need to Know About Being a Prophet, Prophetic People, and Church and a Prophetic Church Written By Apostle Dr. Jackie L. Green, D. Min. and Prophet Cathy Fontenot
Price: $20.00
N.O.W. (New Age, Occult, Witchcraft) Believers’ Discernment Handbook One By: Dr. Jackie Green with bonus section on house deliverance. By: Apostle Ivory Hopkins
1. To build and equip believers in their discernment and discerning of spirits in their lives. 2. To not be ignorant of the enemies devices and certain of the power of Jesus Christ, His Blood, His Word and His Name today. 3. To study and discern New Age, Occult and Witchcraft influences that deceive and lead believers astray and into bondages.
Price: $30.00
Wisdom Keys of Success Manual
$12:00 on website: www.pilgrimsminstry.org
1. How we seek God in your beginning will keep you to the end of your life ………………………………………………………………... 1
2. The prophetic side of wisdom practical insight for everyday living... 9
3. Wisdom Keys To Destroy Dream Killers In Your Life …………...12
4. How To Set Goals To Complete A Dream …………………….. 38
5. A Spiritual Place Called Next Move On To Success ……………... 47
6. Wisdom Keys of Practice Living A Quick Glance ……………….. 51
7. Wisdom Keys of Relationships ………………………………….. 65
8. Wisdom Keys of Life …………………………………………………….. 72
9. Wisdom Keys on Embracing a Mantle ………………………………….. 87
Price: $12.00
Boot Camp Strategic Warfare Training Manual
We are training Kingdom Warriors for the end time harvest, teaching leaders on all five fold levels, how to cast out devils and set the captive free.

• History of Angels, hell and the spirit realm
• Teaching how Jesus called Believers to have authority over devils
• Training gives insight on breaking stronghold of the enemy
• Helps sharpen your Intercessors/altar worker in the ministry of Deliverance
• Show how the Prophetic gifts of the Spirit are powerful tools of warfare
• The purpose of the boot camp training is to train churches and deliverance groups so people will have a place to come and get help
Price: $12.00
Behind Close Doors The Spirit of Domestic Violence
Healing The Wounds of Domestic Violence

This book is written exposing the spiritual effects of domestic violence from the standpoint of the deliverance ministry exposing the gateway of demonic intrusion related to it.
Price: $10.00
This booklet is giving points and insight on how to not allow anyone to kill your dreams

I talk to so many people who have given up on their dreams.

When I pass by a graveyard what saddens me is to know that so many out there, lived but never accomplished their dreams.

Dreams Are What Makes Life Worth Living They Say You Lived!
Price: $10.00
NEW - Occult Subjection Explained Clearly
This manual is loaded with powerful insight on how subjecting yourself to the occult activates a host of portals for demons to enter though.

We deal with such subjects as spirits sending energy through the body, shadow people, and other demonic attacks in the sleep realm.
Price: $20.00
Deliverance and The Prophetic New book by Apostle Dr. Ivory Hopkins
Deliverance and the Prophetic working together to bring accuracy to the body of Christ.

I must begin by saying I believe 100% in prophecy, but don't believe that we are to exempt them from being discerned or judging them by the word of God to make sure their not mix with demonic counterfeits.

I have had to deliver many people who have been taken over by spirits that use misunderstandings and deception to bind people by using deception in prophecy.
Price: $25.00
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